Web Site Development

Quantum technology in GUAM

Design Approach


To plan and build the best website possible for your business, QTG will first need to get to know you. You’re the expert on what you do and who you do it for. Our job is to shape that knowledge and apply it to the web. We’ll also figure out milestones and timelines, deliverables and scope, and who owns what part of the process.


Based on our discovery discussions, we’ll assess your existing content and website structure as well as your brand. During this phase, we’ll generate a sitemap to function as our baseline blueprint for the overall structure of your site. This allows us to determine functionality and establish what your site users will need and where they need it. Well-structured content strategy will form the foundation of the interaction and design systems QTG will be creating.  QTG sketches out the core pages and processes of new websites on paper first. These sketches will help solidify the design system and help visualize the strategic priority of webpage design and content.


With strategy and planning well underway, we’ll begin exploring ways to bring your brand online by working with color palettes, typography, and textures. By separating aesthetic choices from the content or strategic ones, we’re more able to focus on bringing your brand alive online and creating the basis for our design systems.


Implementation Approach


Using a rock-solid grid-based HTML5 system, QTG will begin to build out your website architecture, layout templates, and content management. At this point, you will be able to navigate through your site, interacting with working sliders, menus, and forms. This is the best way to vet the plan we’ve developed together for your site and your content. QTG will also include the basic responsive breakpoints, so you can test-drive how smoothly your site works on different devices.

Responsive Theming

Using the final designs and style guides, as well as the latest CSS3+ techniques, QTG will dress the prototype with the final theme. QTG will use modular techniques to ensure styles are applied globally and systematically so that your site is flexible and scalable without any developer intervention. QTG will ensure that your site is not only cross-browser compatible, but also cross-device compatible.


In this stage, QTG will click every link, view every image, and push the site to its breaking point to find any potential bugs and then resolve them.

Content Load & Training

QTG takes a collaborative approach to support and train you and your content managers on how to maintain your new site. QTG takes as much care in crafting the CMS system as we do craft the front end of your website. QTG will teach you how to update pages, add images to your sliders, update news items, add events, etc.


Once the content is in and the site has been fully quality assured and tested, we’ll create a launch plan to archive your old site and release your new one to the public. We’ll ensure analytics are in place and that your site is submitted to the appropriate search engines so it’s ready to work for your business.